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As the next prom season draws near, start putting out the word about your upcoming prom dress sale. Ask local stores to donate racks, and talk with your church or community center about letting you use a fellowship space. Make sure to get some high schoolers involved in this so you can know when most girls will be shopping for dresses and set the best dates for your sale. You can sell different tiers of tickets, rewarding those who donate larger amounts with additional attempts to dunk the person inside. Another creative twist is kicking off a peer-to-peer competition leading up to the event, and the person who raises the least has to take the first shift in the tank.
You can support us in several ways by integrating donations directly into your broadcasts or by creating a PayPal donation link and a call-to-action on your profile page. Bowling is a fun way to bring people together for a casual, relaxed event. You can supply food and drinks to your guests and charge them an entry cost, or take it up a notch and make it a tournament. Good Fundraiser Ideas of idea can work with a variety of different games such as table tennis, golf, etc. Market the car wash in advance, inviting members of your community to purchase a car wash from your students.
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A charity thrift store can often visit your home to pick up items, saving you the hassle of dropping them off. Learn which stores accept furniture donations, what they’ll accept, and how to arrange pickup below. Donating unwanted furniture is a charitable act, especially given rising costs and recession worries among customers. It can provide indirect assistance to an organization that helps people. It’s also more sustainable than simply throwing your furniture away, helping to keep furniture out of landfills.
If you don’t have a relative or friend you trust, ask a lawyer to help. Arsenault, who left his role as Recology’s executive vice president and chief operating officer in July 2020, was discussed repeatedly in Thursday’s hearing. Ahead of the sentencing, a filing from Porter’s attorney sought to show this was not consistent with his overall character. It contained multiple supportive quotes from former Recology employees, including its former board chairman, as well as the owner of a construction company where Porter is currently working as a consultant.