Making the Most of Your Middle School Fundraiser

Ask local businesses to sponsor your activities or provide snacks for your movie night. Recruit volunteers to run each area and encourage them to spread the word about your event in the weeks leading up. Many schools plan similar events, so partner with these institutions to boost your fundraising. You could ask that a portion of homecoming football game tickets go toward your nonprofit, or you could organize a virtual tailgate event. Make sure each group member participating in your fundraiser writes down up to 50 people they plan to approach.
Put it all together, and talent shows are naturally fun and reliable fundraisers, in person or online! You can even enlist your school’s performing arts directors to help plan an exciting show. Select a top 10 song or funny remix — or make up your own dance entirely. Next, tap a few students, teachers, and administrators that are game to get the ball rolling.
If you live in a farming community, you might be able to find local farmers who are willing to donate their time. You can also call farms in the surrounding areas that already offer hayrides and talk to them about organizing a fundraiser. This ensures that fast readers don’t get an advantage and slower readers don’t feel left out.
Whether people are donating to your fundraiser in time, money, or effort, you must show appreciation for everything they have done for the school. The more appreciated your donors feel, the more likely they are to be interested in helping next time. Students can make simple but tasty meals such as chili, mini burgers, tacos, and baked goods for those with a sweet tooth.
Finally, to be really successful at school fundraising, you need to make giving money easy for everyone. Collecting donations, issuing donation receipts, and handling funds can get complicated. You don’t want your donors to have to mail checks or try and remember how much cash they need to bring to your event. Peer-to-peer fundraisers are your best friend when it comes to school fundraising. Although chocolate is a feature in most Valentine’s Day fundraising ideas for schools, it doesn’t have to be the basis for your fundraiser. Some fundraising ideas include purchasing suckers or pretzels and tying them together in a makeshift flower bundle.
Encourage cooks to bring chili toppings and side dishes and supply plenty of bowls, spoons and napkins for judges. Another option is to let students pick the staff member they want to have lunch with, such as a teacher, cafeteria staff member or custodian. Perform at a school assembly, with karaoke, dance or any other talent. Get members of the faculty involved, for example, use your vice principal or staff members as backup dancers or singers. If anyone is embarrassed by performing, this is a great way to share the limelight. You can collect donations to watch your principal get a pie in the face, a dip in a dunk tank or a public sliming.
school fundraisers ideas -branded theme fun-spot where families can eat, play games and meet Chuck E. Working with others, they designed a platform to bring fundraising students together with family, neighbors, and community that would benefit all involved. Farmraiser offers a healthy alternative to traditional junk food fundraisers.
Consider partnering with a school’s cross country team to help raise awareness and potentially volunteer at the race to encourage attendees. This could mean announcing the details on social media or posting flyers around college campuses and local schools to spread the word. Give them an opportunity to buy meaningful gifts by turning your services into a gift catalog. Create somewhat of an online flyer, so your audience can “shop” and make donations. This is a simple, yet effective Thanksgiving fundraising idea, but you can also use it during other holidays (especially Christmas). This is a great competition idea to raise money through entry frees, donations or tickets, in an educational way!