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Best Roofing’s project engineers then explore all the possible options taking into consideration insulation needs, performance requirements, slope, wind uplift, code requirements, etc. After exploring all the possible options our engineering team will narrow the focus and recommend the roofing and waterproofing solutions that have the greatest value to the client. Your home is one of the most important things in your life.
So no matter what your new building or roofing project requires, we’ve got you covered with high-grade Galvalume Plus or a wide selection of colors. Energy efficient roofing has many benefits for homeowners. One of the main benefits is that it can help reduce energy bills. Overall, energy efficient roofing is a smart investment for homeowners looking to save money, protect the environment, and increase the value of their home.
All of our metal products are fabricated in-house to maintain the highest level of quality control. Ricardo is our foreman that showcases his 22 years of experience by leading our install team in installation compliance and a strong work ethic. He also has worked for Biltwell Roofing and Teeple Roofing with hundreds of quality jobs to his credit.
Our experts will assist with the entire reroofing process. Our Invest Once Guarantee covers your roof for any repairs as long as you own your home. He was respectful, accommodating, and described the process and product so we were well informed. The crew did a great job and we are 100% satisfied with the end result. We’re very sorry, but since you are a tenant and not the actual homeowner, we’re unable to schedule your inspection. Please contact your landlord and ask him to contact us to schedule your roof inspection by scheduling a free inspection.
After a hail storm, A-TEX performed a full replacement for us. We did experience some leaks but they were addressed quickly and repaired. At Commercial Roofing , we had a medical issue with a child which kept us from booking one of the repairs needed to the interior.
While it can be beneficial in certain circumstances, that’s not always the case. As we mentioned, your roof will likely increase the value of your home by around $12,000, but a new roof will cost more than that. All-in-all, a new roof will likely give you a return on investment of about 60-68%, depending on the condition of your old roof and quality of materials used.
Roof brackets are used to support the ladder while you’re working on the roof. They can be attached to the rungs of the ladder, and they help to keep the ladder from slipping. To remove old shingles, use a shingle tear-off tool with a fiberglass handle. This shingle remover is lightweight and easy to use, making it perfect for removing multiple layers of shingles.
To measure a roof, start by measuring the length and width of the building’s exterior walls and multiplying them to get the area. Then, calculate the pitch of the roof by placing a level against it, angling the level so the bubble is centered, and measuring the distance between the end of the level and the roof. Next, use the pitch to look up the pitch multiplier for the roof online. Finally, multiply the area by the pitch multiplier to determine the roof’s square footage.
Tile roofs are made with clay or concrete tiles and are an excellent choice for homes that need protection from the sun, wind, and rain. Have earned this highly coveted title, positioning ReNew Roofing as one of the best companies in the industry. Apart from this elite designation, the company is also a GAF President’s Club Award Winner, joining the ranks of less than 1% of all contractors in the United States. He noted there was no evidence the workers performed any labor for other roofing companies or for the general public, as they would if they were independent contractors. Rubber roof tiles are formed by mold injection so they have the shape of slate but not the thickness.